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Pet Memorials

To help you remember your beloved pet exactly as you want it to remember, we offer pet monuments in a variety of styles. You can choose the frame of your pet monument (for example a bone shape for your late dog), the writing on it, as well as whether you want to have a photo or drawing engraved. We will carefully listen to your needs and help you decide on the pet monument that will fit best the space you want to place it in.

Pet markers can help you keep your pets memories alive forever. 

Pet Grave Markers capture your pet’s memory forever.  These wonderful tributes are made to honor the memory of any companion, as they are made to the highest of memorial industry standards.  These grave markers are designed to be installed in a private residence or in any specially designated cemetery for pets.  While the designs and styles of these memorials vary greatly, they are all sure to preserve your beloved pet’s memory with beauty and dignity, for the ages.

Pet memorials are thought to help during the mourning process for various reasons. Of course, they provide a permanent tribute that honors the memory of the pet, but they can also bring closure to families, or individuals, that are having trouble accepting the loss. This is because they are able to select and personalize the remembrance as they see fit, which many feel brings a sense of closure in knowing that the tribute to the companion is not only adequate, but suited to their specific character.

Keeping your pets memory alive with a pet memorial. It is a great way to remember all the good times and memories that you shared with your pet.   

A garden in your yard could be a great place to memorialize the great times that you spent together.

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Choose Your Pet Monument

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