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Monument Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Comprehensive Cleaning: Experience our full-service solution that goes beyond the basics. We expertly remove stains, debris, leaves, lichen, and dirt from the gravesite. Our environmentally-sensitive approach ensures a thorough cleaning of all headstones, footstones, and markers. At Gibney's, we are committed to preserving the pristine, original appearance of both the monument and its surroundings.

Explore our range of maintenance packages designed to suit your specific needs. Whether you prefer a one-time cleaning or regularly scheduled follow-up sessions, our services include thorough inspections, the removal of stains, dirt, and debris. We go the extra mile to keep the lettering and engraved elements immaculate and legible, employing hand cleaning or careful rinsing techniques.

Professional Restoration: Beyond routine cleanings, the skilled professionals at Gibney's specialize in delivering artisan-quality restoration for seriously damaged stones or monuments. If your memorial is facing severe weathering, chipping, cracking, or visible damage, we are equipped to provide a complete repair. Upon your request, we can even share a photo of the site post-cleaning or restoration, allowing you to witness the meticulous care we invest in each project.

At Gibney's, we understand the profound significance of these monuments and are dedicated to honoring and preserving the memories they represent. Contact us today to discuss how our cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services can safeguard the dignity of your cherished memorials.

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